HOW this all CAME TO BE

Inspiration feeds motivation. This is how JOURNEY 24K came to be. Gabriella's Groupies, the driving force behind this gold party, was formed in 2012 via the battle of their own rock star, Gabriella Curcio. They realized that more awareness and action needed to be directed to the battle kids with cancer, and their families, experience. Here are the key elements fueling their inspiration to go forth and be the change makers they are:

  • Childhood cancer only receives approx. 4% of cancer research funding; how can our kids, our future, receive such a small investment?
  • During and after cancer treatment, kids miss out on schooling and meaningful social activities and interactions.
  • The extreme financial and emotional burden a cancer diagnosis places on a family.

To date, the Groupies have raised over $220,000 via various events to benef a variety of pediatric oncology initiatives and research across Canada. And more is on its way because THEY WON'T STOP until there is a cure. They are inspired not only by their original rock star, Gabriella, but by the hundreds of children they have met along the way who live with this disease or the effects of it.

For all the rock stars on earth and those cheering the Groupies on from above, JOURNEY24K is for you and always will be.


A lot, actually. Gabriella's mom, Lidia, envisioned JOURNEY 24K and here is what it represents:

  • pure gold (24k), which is also our fundraising target for our end of treatment program;

  • the colour of childhood cancer awareness; and
  • the journey from diagnosis to the cure of the future.

And that tag line - The GOLD Party - is the exact output of our team efforts.


Fundraising leads with the word FUN. And our GOLD Party is just that. We deliver an ADULT-ONLY GOLD CARPET gala, a truly unique way to party for a cause. It is an evening full of creativity, dancing, prizes, laughter and excitement to raise awareness and money for our BIG THREE.