we like 'ourSELFIEs'

No robots here - just a fab crew. We can't blame you if you want to join us after checking out our bios. If you spot us in o-town, don't be shy, just say hi!



CO-LEADer / partnerships, comms & branding

Our 'OG': founder & CCO (chief creative officer). Signature walk with a purpose and a laugh that carries. Caffeinated by espresso to collaborate and create. Never short on ideas and thrives at finding magic in a crunch. Always connected and uses hashtags for (positive) attention. Passionate about her peeps #blessed



CO-LEADER / WEB, planning & team oversight

Driven by spreadsheets and perfectly sourced fonts. Her superpowers: organization skills for days, doses of perspective and lightning speed responsiveness. Oh, and perfectly applied lipstick. Fuel her with a chai latte, and there is nothing she can't do. Her eye twinkle comes from her gold heart.

christina 2d.jpg


SPONSORSHIP & guest management

A to-do list tackler with the sharpest focus and an impressive ability to multitask. Always has her eyes on the clock because time management is everything when surrounded by ladies. A true goal digger who has been with our crew since day 1 and has earned permanent squad status.

helen pic.jpg


COMMUNITY events / charity liaison

A rare yin/yang balance, it should be mandatory to have a Helen in every team. She is a YOLO champ and the calm in all kinds of hectic (she hypnotizes us with her crystal eyes). And give this woman a side of humor and prosecco, and she is ready to take on the world any day of the week.

chris 2.jpg


GOLD CARPET & swag bag coordination

Gladly takes the attention that comes with being our 'token male'. Always hungry - not just for food, but for success and has brought Kevin (his dog) along for the journey. He rocks negotiating win-win solutions, and we promise you this: his heart is bigger than this appetite.



event design & EXECUTION / strategist

Creative talents include: graphic dabbler, content designer, style visionary, insta-whiz and master selfie taker. Believes wearing sneakers produces results and is a girlboss to prove it. Living her best life and genuinely wants others to come along for the ride.

jess photo.jpeg


EVENT coordinator & social media contributor

If life coordinators were a thing, it would be Jess' thing. Endless energy supply and thriving under pressure is totally no-sweat. Speaks fluent in #hashtags and emoji’s. She always sees the gold-lining because of her mantra: everything happens for a reason.



And here's to our talented, spirited groupies who are with us for the journey to provide a whole of team support.

Rosanna: rocks a smile and her brain is always swimming in ideas. Believes in continuous learning, especially when it comes to social media.

Caroline: always up for a new adventure. She is mighty fierce when it comes to articulating a plan and in the use of acronyms.

Brytani & Angie: graphic designers extraordinaire with a glittery touch and vision for days. We are convinced they operate as co-captains of #teamnosleep. 

Filippo & Delena: on speed-dial for motivational support and successful prize sourcing. No is not in their vocab.

Gold Hearts & Volunteers Powered by  Gabriella's Groupies

Gold Hearts & Volunteers Powered by Gabriella's Groupies